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JOHN WAYNE GACY wrote hundreds of letters and was a frequent caller to Richie Dickstein. Most of Gacy’s phone conversations were sexually explicit, tied to his twisted fantasies of rape and domination. The collection also contains many pieces of art Gacy painted while locked away in his cell.  Known as the “Killer Clown,” Gacy murdered at least 33 boys inside his home.  After defiling his victims – most of them postmortem – he then buried them under his house.  During Gacy’s recorded conversations he would frequently masturbate and describe in detail the unusual methods he would use to achieve orgasm. Gacy often talked about the “politics” of his case, maintaining his innocence while fully cognizant that the Department of Corrections were also listening and recording these calls.

His letters are filled with graphic drawings of the male anatomy that, at times, depict male rape. His letters and conversations reveal Gacy to have been a sexually obsessed man intent on dominating his victims. Gacy also frequently bragged about his many sexual exploits while incarcerated. These letters and recordings reveal Gacy as an egomaniacal narcissist who was very concerned with his public image. Though Gacy claimed his innocence right up until his mandated execution, the collection reveals Gacy somewhat “owning” these murders, without going so far as fully admitting to them.

It is within Gacy’s barely cryptic musings that he seems to want Richie to know he had absolutely no remorse for the murders and the possibility that there were many more he may have gotten away with: “…I know for fact that more murders were committed, murders exactly like the ones I’m being accused of (snickers). Hey, only time will tell, right Richie boy?” 


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