The Killer's Vault


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DAVID ALAN GORE raped, murdered, and dismembered 6 women. His writings are extremely vulgar and overflowing with graphic detail about his murders and the method he used when committing those gruesome crimes.

He notes he was convicted of only 6 murders, but there were at least 30 plus numerous rapes including a 13 year old.

Gore shows no remorse; in fact, he displays immense pride when writing about his crimes. This is just one of many chilling and disturbing excerpts from his letters:  “Several of my victims were a mother and her daughter.  My most memorable one was a young mother and her 16-year-old daughter.  I kept them both for 3 days…the daughter was a really fine c*** with a virgin tight c***.  I tied her spread eagle on a bed and tied her mother up and forced her to watch me rape her daughter.  I killed the daughter in front of her mother.”  There are many more letters of the same brutal nature.

Gore’s letters display a narcissist intent on shocking; and though he considers Barbara Dickstein to be a friend, he wants her to know that he is always in control, especially of her, and that he is still very capable of murdering at will.


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